True Modernism & So Called Modern

Generally our thoughts are opposite from our activities. Modernism is such kind of opposition concept what we think about it. Firstly, we should know what is modernism? Modernism is a concept of doing something new, making something new, carrying something new which must be beneficial for the society & mankind. But, what are we doing? Just have a look on our society. Are we really modern? Are we really belonging in a ‘true’ modern society? Or, a ‘so called ‘ modern society.

Let’ ask ourselves —

1) Modernism means new thought. Are we really new thinkers? Though our outfit can go with modern era, our thinking can’t. It still belongs in darkness. Modernism means carrying something new. Do we really carry something new? If we look into external angel, we’ll find some changing. But, there is no change in our thought. Our thinking, our behavior are still living on “Victorian era”. We should change our thoughts not ourselves.

2) Does Modernism support ignoring own culture? No, modernism is such a concept that never teaches to leave own culture. Rather, it teaches to live in own culture. A tree can’t live without its root, in the same way, Bangali can’t live without their own culture. It’s question of their existence. Just have a look on our society. It’s going with such a culture which is not ours. Don’t let our culture flooded away. Otherwise, our existence will be drowned. So, let’s become true modern, not so called. We should always remember that modernism is a blessing not a curse.

Let not our culture be flooded away.

Writer: Deepshikha Kundu
Student, North Western University
Department of English

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